Campaign Finance Reform

Texas campaign finance laws make a mockery of Democracy in our state. There is no limit to what an individual can contribute to a candidate. The 1% are buying elections. A recent article in the San Antonio Express News titled "Million-dollar campaign checks grow more common in Texas" laid out the problem. According to the paper, “Houston trial lawyer John O'Quinn gave $1 million to Democrat Chris Bell, who was running against Perry and lost. The same year, Perry got $1 million in two $500,000 checks from the Republican Governors Association. That was made possible by a $1 million donation to that group from veteran GOP contributor Bob Perry, a Houston home builder who was no relation to the governor. Rick Perry used the money to pay for a television commercial attacking Bell for accepting the seven-figure check from O'Quinn.”

The paper went on to say, “Eight years later, Wendy Davis — who was running against Abbott — got a $1 million check from retired Austin doctor Carolyn Oliver.... Houston trial lawyer Steve Mostyn also wrote a $1 million check to a joint committee that Davis ran with a Democratic turn-out-the-vote group.”

Both parties, the Democrats and Republicans, are wed to the 1% and the money they provide.

As a candidate for Governor, Tom believes one cannot campaign on campaign finance reform and accept huge checks from wealthy donors. He believes one must practice what one preaches and as such will limit campaign contributions to his campaign. Tom has set contributions to his campaign to the same limitation that a federal candidate for office must adhere to: $2,700 per person.